Physical fitness is often defined as being able to carry out one's daily routine and still have enough energy left over for other activities or events.

Combining exercise with a healthy diet is the best way to achieve a goal of being physically fit for life. If you have been inactive for a while, give your body time to adjust and include your primary physician in any decisions you make about a fitness program.

Everyone's body will respond in different ways to the physical stress caused by exercise and weight training. It is important that one takes a responsible approach to maintaining their physical fitness and not try to obtain results as quickly as possible. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of many adverse health outcomes. Remember that some physical activity is better than none.

Focus on making your desired results a long-term goal, or better yet, a life-long goal. Research has shown for many years that quick fixes do not always last and can harm your body's quest to achieve the wishes of your mind. Losing or gaining weight in ill-advised manners will set you up for a good deal of frustration, health and fitness problems or injuries in the long run. People with chronic conditions and symptoms should consult their health-care provider about the types and amounts of activity appropriate for them before starting a new program of physical activity.


Fitness Center Design

When you make a decision to provide an on-site health and fitness center, you are giving your employees the opportunity to take the giant steps on their path to becoming more fit, energized and more effective people. All Fit wants to make sure your getting the most out of the precious money spent on your fitness center. We can step in wherever needed to work with your architect, facilities personnel and suppliers. Our attention to detail in-layout, equipment and amenities lead to a fitness space that is inviting to members, functional and safe, a true top performance fitness center. We can start from scratch in the design stage of a new center or we can work with you to upgrade an existing space. Either way, we promise you will pleased with the results.

Fitness Operations Management

When Alliance Fitness Consultancy manages your on-site fitness center and programs, you can concentrate on your own core business.  And, whether your facility covers a few thousand square feet or over 70,000, if you have 100 eligible members or tens of thousands, you can rely on us to attract, find, hire and inspire the best-qualified personnel.

We work harder to:

  • Provide seasoned program directors, wellness coordinators, fitness specialists, group instructors and aquatics staff – all with degrees in the field
  • Supervise and evaluate teams carefully and consistently
  • Inspire our people with growth opportunities
  • Provide extensive training programs, tools and resources
  • Ensure year-round coverage

We enhance your facility by offering compelling features that include:

  • Marketing programs that promote membership, encourage participation and foster retention
  • Aerobics, group exercise, aquatic programs, stretching, abdominal, core training, circuit training and yoga
  • Personal training to enhance individual fitness levels
  • Wellness programs such as stress management, weight management, nutrition, disease prevention, and work/life balance
  • Blood drives, flu shots, health fairs and health screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and much more
  • Recreational and competitive activities, clinics, tournaments and team-building activities
  • Facility, equipment  and pool maintenance

Group Fitness & Exercise Classes

Group fitness and Exercise class at work and an added bonus to a fitness center. Whether class focus on cardiovascular health, strength training or mind-body disciplines, our All Fit’s instructor and trainers are highly experienced and qualified to teach the classes that accommodate different fitness levels. Out instructors are mature, current with the latest information in exercise physiology and mind-body techniques, and focus on giving options cautions to support all levels of fitness. Their focus is not only on safety and form, but on providing a positive experience to all participants. Don’t have a fitness center? We can help you cost effectively transform a conference room into space that can also be used for classes.

Equipment Sales, Servicing & AMC

Purchase your new equipment (US, Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese) from the strongest names in the industry such as Life fitness, Free motion, PRECOR, MATRIX, NAUTILUS, TRUE, STEX, EPIC STRENGTH, just a few to name. See us for Strength, Cardiovascular Equipment, A / V Equipments, Sports Equipment, Personal Training and accessories. We stand behind our manufacturers / vendors and their products, and support for each item we sell.

National & International Branded Equipments

Post Warranty Maintenance of Gym Equipments

A regular preventative maintenance solution can provide you with lower cost of ownership and a higher return on your investment on your fitness center.  Results our clients have experienced include less equipment downtime, higher trade-in values on equipment, and prevention against costly emergency repairs. We can work with you to determine the most cost effective and sensible preventative maintenance solution.  Our programs run monthly, every other month, quarterly and semi-annually. By having regular PM services performed, we can identify potential problem areas and repair them before they become actual problems, costing you unnecessary time and money.