For those interested in a straightforward and cost-efficient alternative to ownership, ALL FIT has established finance partners for your leasing and financing needs. Another example of ALL FIT as your partner, these programs provide flexible, attractive terms, minimal capital investment, and reasonable monthly payments. Whether you are remodeling your current facility or are in the process of building the facility of your dreams, we have lending solutions to help you along the way. We have several models to optimally suit corporations according to the size of the facility, users and budgets.


  • No capital cost – ALL FIT put in the upfront investment in return for a nominal monthly rental.
  • Tax benefits – Lease rentals are fully deductible revenue expenditure.
  • No obsolescence costs – ALL FIT keeps upgrading equipment with change in technology.
  • No maintenance hassles – Repairs, maintenance, training, management – we take care of all of the above.
  • Fit employees – improved motivation, productivity & profitability. Reduced attrition.