About All Fit

Driven by a decade and more experienced entrepreneur, with unique proven methods, we have been the service providers nationally for work-site health, fitness and wellness programs since 2008. Alliance Fitness Consultancy is a one-stop shop for your organization’s health, fitness and wellness needs. From facility design and planning to fitness centre management, health screenings and corporate health fairs, Alliance Fitness Consultancy customizes services to give you the best value and your employees the best results. Our qualified health and fitness professionals add fun, motivation and expertise to keep your employees healthy and fit.

We provide employers with a comprehensive and cost effective health and fitness strategy aimed at increasing employee productivity and profitability while decreasing absenteeism and health care expenditures. Through dedication and professionalism, our service will bridge the gap between employee personal health and the financial health of your company.

Alliance Fitness Consultancy can help your organization lower health care costs, improve morale and maximize performance through health, fitness & wellness management services that show employees you care about their well-being.