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Natural Food Sources
Asparagus, brewer's yeast, brown rice, enriched breads and cereals, kidney, legumes, liver, nuts, oatmeal, oranges, oyster, pork, potato, raisins, seeds, soybeans, tahini, whole grains.

Main Functions
Thiamin is necessary for nervous system function, keeping the heart beating and fending off stress. It improves learning capacity and mental alertness. It also aids in digestion, helping to release energy from carbohydrates by creating glucose.

Deficiency Symptoms
Thiamin deficiency disease is known as beriberi. It is rare, but can occur with excessive alcohol and tea drinking, both of which inhibit thiamin absorption. Symptoms include mental illness, fatigue, depression, headaches, loss of appetite and numbness in arms and legs.

Toxicity Symptoms
Large doses may cause a reaction similar to anaphylactic shock. Several hundred milligrams may cause drowsiness.

Dietary Reference Intake
Men: 1.2 mg
Women: 1.1 mg