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Natural Food Sources
Apples, calf liver, cod, eggs, kidney, canned salmon, canned sardines, fluoridated tap water, some cheese, tea.

Main Functions
Fluoride is essential for healthy bone and tooth formation, as it helps the body retain calcium. It prevents acid and plaque formation in the mouth caused from food, especially sugar.

Deficiency Symptoms
If the water in your area is not fluoridated, supplements are necessary - especially for infants and children - or increased dental cavities may result.

Toxicity Symptoms
Too much fluoride, especially in children, can cause tooth problems, stunted growth, calcification of tendons and ligaments and organ damage. It may lead to brown stains on the teeth, porous enamel and eventually fluorosis, where permanent teeth become mottled. Stomach cramps, faintness, vomiting, black stools, tremors, increased saliva and shallow breathing may also result.

Dietary Reference Intake
Men: 4.0 mg
Women: 3.0 mg