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Better health and better individual and organisational productivity are all measurable....

Health Checks

Our onsite health checks can be tailored to meet each client's needs....

Health Fairs

As an alternative to individual health checks, Fitness2live can deliver health...

Fitness Center Design

When you make a decision to provide an on-site health and fitness center, you are...

Some digestive enzymes are plant based and consumed in the diet, but the majority of them are synthesized by the pancreas. Imbalances can cause and array of unpleasant conditions - including heartburn, bloating, high cholesterol, intestinal distress, colon problems and constipation. Supplements may be beneficial for these ailments.

Digestive enzymes include the following:
Protease: breaks down protein into peptides and amino acids
Amylase: breaks down starch, carbohydrates and sugars
Lactase: helps digest lactose, found in milk and milk products
Lipase: breaks down fats and oils
Bromelain: a powerful protease enzyme found in pineapples